VLRF Body Sculpting Treatment



The treatment uses a combination of vacuum, visible light and radio frequency to work its magic on the client’s body. Get instant results in just over one session! Be worry free as this is a completely safe, non-invasive and non-painful treatment. Shed off that excess cellulite around the focus areas for a more toned and sculpted look with our VL-RF treatment. This treatment also works by encouraging lymphatic drainage and toxins to be eliminated from the body.

"Backne' Treatment



Often neglected, the backs of our body could also suffer from acne, excessive oiliness, dryness and a rough texture. This treatment is exclusively crafted to counter the problem of clogged pores, inflammation and reduce the occurrence of the back acne, or ‘backne’.

Tailor-made Back Treatment



Tailor-made to suit your skin’s condition, this back treatment aims to clarify and soften the skin while helping to improve its appearance and texture. Clear out impurities on your skin whilst getting a healthier skin tone on your back.