VLRF Face Contour Treatment

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity because less collagen is produced by the body to make up for the firmness of the skin. The Visible Light-Radio Frequency (VL-RF) combines visible light, radio frequency and suction force to deliver its way to the skin by breaking down the fats underneath the skin and stimulate the regeneration of collagen. The collagen helps firm up the skin and maintain the skin’s youthfulness. Feel your face being lifted with our VL-RF Face Lift Treatment.



HiFU Face Lift treatment

Achieve a firmer and lifted look with our High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU) treatment. This state-of-the-art technology uses HiFU energy and fuses it with heat energy to promote collagen and elastin regeneration within your skin. The treatment carefully targets the multiple skin layers at a time. One HiFU treatment can help to counteract the effects of gravity and skin damage due to the exposure from the sun. The same benefits of cosmetic surgery, without having to go for it.