Ainhoa Product

AINHOA products maintain the quality guaranteed by the company thanks to the natural components which allow an exclusive selection of highly concentrated active ingredients in order to provide the market with effective cosmetic treatments for the care and aesthetic needs of every skin type.

The credibility of the brand consists of a continuous research of new requirements and ways to improve the product. The cosmetic market is a demanding and competitive one and in our experience, AINHOA's success is due to their ever maintaining philosophy of: efficiency, quality and adaptability.

Simildiet Product

SIMILDIET is a pharmaceutical laboratory based in Spain with more than 20 years of experience in the research, development, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics, aesthetic and cosmeceutical products as well as dietary supplements.

SIMILDIET always seeks out the best quality by thoroughly and carefully selecting its raw materials — the methods of harvest and the organic methods used are free from fertilizers or chemical pesticides. SIMILDIET implements rigorous analytical control methods in the manufacturing process to guarantee each batch and the final product will have the best quality and rich in active principles.