Nano Infusion Treatment -Neck

Feel like the wrinkles around the neck is bothering you? Plump up the skin around the neck area for a smoother feel and a more even skin tone.



Hydrogen Treatment

Experience amazing anti-oxidizing benefits for your skin. Complete with anti-inflammation, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle technology, the Hydrogen Treatment is able to calm any redness, eliminate free radicals inside the body, and tone the skin, making the skin appear more youthful than it ever has. Suitable for all skin types.



Nano Infusion Treatment - Face

For those with a more delicate skin, this no-downtime, non-invasive treatment is able to provide an immediate beautiful and radiant glow to your skin. The microscopic Nano-needle penetrates the skin to deliver serum for better product absorption. Light pressure is applied and a vibrating sensation helps collagen regeneration.



Crystallite RF Meso Treatment

For when you’re in need of a nutrient-rich boost into your skin. A relatively painless, non-invasive facial that delivers nutrient-rich serum into the underlying skin through the combination of visible light, radio frequency and mesotherapy.